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AWS Amplify Resources

AWS Amplify Resources

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David Salter
·Mar 22, 2021·

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I've recently started learning AWS Amplify, and I must say, I'm blown away with what it can do and the help it gives to both web and mobile developers. For web development, I'm particularly interested in React, but Amplify supports much more than that, with support for Vue, Angular, Next.js and much more.

Here are some of the resources I've found particularly useful to help learn AWS Amplify.

The AWS Amplify Homepage

This is the definitive source of all things AWS Amplify. From here, you can learn how to develop, deliver and manage applications with AWS Amplify. There are videos and descriptions describing everything you need to know.

Amplify Framework Documentation

The framework documentation shows how to get started, and then how to keep going! There are tutorials and API documentation - this is a must read resource.

AWS Amplify: Fastest, Easiest Way to Develop Mobile and Web Apps That Scale

If you're still not sure whether AWS Amplify is for you, this short (less than 2 minutes) video by the AWS Amplify team explains all.

Introducing the AWS Amplify Admin UI: Create an Application Backend in Clicks

This video by Ali Spittel, a Developer Advocate at AWS Amplify, shows how to create a back-end for a blog application. In the video, Ali uses the Amplify Sandbox which allows you to start investigating things without an AWS account.

How to Build a Full Stack App with AWS Amplify and React

Free Code Camp has many good resources to help developers, and this one is no exception. The tutorial is split into 4 parts, each showing different facets of Amplify, namely:

  • Authentication
  • Databases
  • File storage
  • File upload

Use AWS Cognito and Amplify to add authentication to React apps

This article covers using AWS Cognito from within React applications using, of course, Amplify. It goes into more depth than some articles and shows how to create a customised interface instead of using the default interface components provided by the Amplify React libraries.

Serverless React with AWS Amplify - The Complete Guide

This is a paid for course by Reed Barger, currently available for £12.99. The course contains over 8 hours of videos which take the viewer through creating React applications backed by Amplify. The examples use authentication, graphql, REST and more.

Create A Full Stack App With AWS Amplify UI In 15 Minutes!

Finally, here's a YouTube video by Erik from the Program With Erik You Tube Channel. In the video, Erik shows how to use the Amplify Console to define back end databases and then connect to them from JavaScript. I love Erik's enthusiasm and he makes all subjects easy to understand. This is one of many videos on the channel discussing web development.


These are just some of the resources that I've used whilst learning AWS Amplify. If you know of any others that you've used, be sure to let me know in the comments below.


Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

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